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4 Hands Double Treat

The massaging world has a lot to offer and this is one of them. 4 hands massage works towards sending deeper impulses to the body for complete relaxation. People are rightly opting for this therapy as a stress buster and lead a happy and pleasant life.

Why is it called 4 hands? Simply you can think as a specific sort of massage x 2. Everything about this massage provides a double benefit and the kneading implemented is double the normal time. You must have heard about Swedish massage and it is evident that once in your lifetime you have visited the spa to eliminate body aches. 4 Hands double treat is a treat which you will like to have regularly as you will be cherished with two masseurs simultaneously when you connect with your body, mind and soul. Our masseurs will work rhythmically sending impulses to release any kinds of knots, kinks and stress from your body.

The benefits of 4 hands double treatment includes – complete relaxation, improve immobility issues, increase brain function, enhances blood circulation, stress-reliever, relax muscle, tendons and ligaments from knots, release chronic and acute muscle pains, boosts up mood etc. All in all, you will feel rejuvenated and another person after having the first session of 4 hands a double treat and will come back again to CBD 378 Elite Massage Centre.